Nature’s Beauty as Life Expressing Herself

When witnessing Nature’s beauty, the least we can do to reciprocate is to dedicate a moment to appreciate it and admire it. Nature’s beauty is Life expressing herself.

So, stop and smell those flowers.

Pause your busyness and take in that epic sunset.

Be quiet and listen to that bird song.

Go outside before bed and stare and the night sky…

That’s life happening all around you. You can choose to be too busy to live it…

Or, take a big breath to become present and actually choose to live it…

The choice is yours 💗

Nature Therapy

Musing . . .

When it seems like the world is about to boil over with turmoil and pain, it is crucial to find your inner peace and anchor yourself in whatever self-care practice works for you. For me, Nature is my therapist and I am immensely grateful to live in a place where natural paradise like this is in the backyard of the city I call home… What  makes you feel grounded in the most loving way? There lies YOUR answer for inner peace!

These photos were taking during our visit at River Place Nature Trail this past weekend, a beautiful hiking spot just 14 miles from downtown Austin TX. For trail maps and more info, including how to get involved to help maintain this natural paradise, please visit their website linked above.

With love,

~ Erinda