The Purest Form of Love

This is an anthem to LOVE. All kinds of love, starting with self-love. Self being i, I, you, You, we, We, and everything before, after, and in between. Because in order to truly love anything or anyone, we must first learn and experience loving our own existence. At the end we realize that, just as at the beginning in the womb, we emerge from one, live to remember love, and to oneness we return.

~ ~ ~

from love i came into existence

and into love i shall return

for i am made of love

and with love i am created

i channel love

so i can create love

i make love to feel love

and to breathe love

i emanate love

to share love

i give love freely

and in love i live

for the sake of love

i take each and every breath

breathing in, out and through love

because love is what i am

and in love i recognize you

and in you i see me

through the purest love

you and i become we

as at the beginning

so at the end

there is no you

there is no me

love is all that has ever been

and all that will ever be

~ ~ ~

This love anthem-mantra-affirmation-poem was channeled through me in a state of profound meditation, inspired by the beautiful song ‘Bliss’ sang by Sirgun Kaur. Listen and enjoy it below.

With deep gratitude,

~ Erinda


Nature Therapy

Musing . . .

When it seems like the world is about to boil over with turmoil and pain, it is crucial to find your inner peace and anchor yourself in whatever self-care practice works for you. For me, Nature is my therapist and I am immensely grateful to live in a place where natural paradise like this is in the backyard of the city I call home… What  makes you feel grounded in the most loving way? There lies YOUR answer for inner peace!

These photos were taking during our visit at River Place Nature Trail this past weekend, a beautiful hiking spot just 14 miles from downtown Austin TX. For trail maps and more info, including how to get involved to help maintain this natural paradise, please visit their website linked above.

With love,

~ Erinda


The Rising Phoenix

Notes from the heart . . .

Redefining yourself is never easy. But just like the seasons change, so do we. It is not easy but it is natural. You get to look at your old layers, stories, patterns, facets that no longer represent you and learn to release them. Judgement too. It never served you anyways. One by one, slowly and maybe painfully as they’ve become part of your skin. You get to shed… It may hurt, it will hurt, but one thing you’ll soon learn is how strong you really are. You’ll see.

Shadows may come up, monsters from under the bed and skeletons from the closet will all make themselves at home in your house of fear. Old patterns may attempt to replicate themselves, over and over, until you learn to observe them. Self-doubt will show up to join the party, all uninvited taking up the space you need to breathe in…

You may find yourself in an inner storm of questioning everything, self-worth first and foremost, sanity next. It is all part of shedding. Just like the caterpillar, you may not know what’s coming. You can choose to let fear masquerade you from the inside out… Or, you can choose to trust. Allow a spark of hope to ignite within. It’s there, it has always been, since the womb. Find your breath, bathe in it. Find the eye of the storm deep within you and allow everything else to fall off. Doubts, fears, stories, patterns, limiting beliefs… Let their madness storm up around you and stay strong in your breath. It will all pass… It is all passing… Keep breathing. Let the cocoon fall off, you have wings now. It is time for you to learn how to use them!

Spring is here. Allow yourself to open up to the sunshine and let yourself bloom. Like the wildflowers, your redefined beauty may pop up unexpectedly in the most random places. Nothing is random. You brilliance will be noticed exactly where you are meant to be. Come through the cracks of the pavement and spread your beautiful petals toward the light. Rise, step up, grow, embody. Like the phoenix, ignite from your ashes…

The world awaits for your magic. Now go ahead and spread it!

~ Erinda