SHE who dances

SHE who dances in dirt knows the joy of being clean.⁣
SHE who dances in first eats a slice of darkness alongside her cup of sunlight.⁣
SHE who dances in dirt can smell the stench and survive, ⁣
won’t hesitate to cry when she feels pain.⁣
She screens until her anguish breeds laughter and her laughter breeds movement.⁣
She proclaims her boundaries loud, proud, with conviction, ⁣
and believes fervently that her input it valuable⁣
SHE who dances in dirt breathes fully, breathes freely.⁣

SHE who dances in dirt has also flirted with fire, swam in sadness, tasted tragedy, felt the forceful flames or fury rise within her soul then bubble up, out, and over into a salty sea.⁣
She has been there. She has gone deep.⁣
She knows the meaning of suffering, ⁣
and has risen from her pain alive and clean—ruggedly scarred—but shinning clean.⁣

SHE who dances in dirt does so because ⁣
she knows her dancing will cause he wounds to heal.⁣
Her dancing will connect her with the pulse of the great mother.⁣
Her joy atop a mass of confusion ⁣
will help others learn⁣
to trust the dirt, befriend the pain, know⁣
its watery depths⁣
and in them find power to rise from the black hole.⁣
Her dancing with spread until ⁣
SHE who dances in dirt ⁣
will not dance alone.⁣
SHE who dances in dirt is one of many⁣
who move their bare feet ⁣
across and into the land⁣
dancing, dancing, dancing . . . ⁣
joyfully, confusedly, wildly, in the dirt.⁣

– Anna Ruth Hall