The World is a Reflection of You

A gentle reminder to self, and to whoever needs to hear this right now:

What you see around you is a reflection of what you feel inside of you… Let that settle for a moment.

Do you see a bright sunny sky and soak in the warmth, or do you feel blinded by the sunshine hiding your face behind dark sunglasses?

Do you see a gloomy grey cold day that is ruining your mood, or do you see a cozy cool autumn day as an opportunity to have a hot cup of tea and snuggle with a good book?

Only you know what it feels like to be you. No one else can feel your emotions for your, or move the stagnant energy for you.

Dedicate time to tend to your inner landscape and watch your surroundings shift to reflect it. Observe your thoughts, let judgements fade and go deeper. Be patient.

Baby steps: just like a newborn baby, start with your breath. Let it flow, let it move you. Let it wash away all that doesn’t serve your wellbeing. It stars with you making that conscious choice. It starts with you choosing you!

Take time. All the time you need. Take care of yourself. Only you can. You can always start now… You can always start new. 💗