The Purest Form of Love

This is an anthem to LOVE. All kinds of love, starting with self-love. Self being i, I, you, You, we, We, and everything before, after, and in between. Because in order to truly love anything or anyone, we must first learn and experience loving our own existence. At the end we realize that, just as at the beginning in the womb, we emerge from one, live to remember love, and to oneness we return.

~ ~ ~

from love i came into existence

and into love i shall return

for i am made of love

and with love i am created

i channel love

so i can create love

i make love to feel love

and to breathe love

i emanate love

to share love

i give love freely

and in love i live

for the sake of love

i take each and every breath

breathing in, out and through love

because love is what i am

and in love i recognize you

and in you i see me

through the purest love

you and i become we

as at the beginning

so at the end

there is no you

there is no me

love is all that has ever been

and all that will ever be

~ ~ ~

This love anthem-mantra-affirmation-poem was channeled through me in a state of profound meditation, inspired by the beautiful song ‘Bliss’ sang by Sirgun Kaur. Listen and enjoy it below.

With deep gratitude,

~ Erinda