Heart Open

When this world seems like it’s falling apart, ⁣⁣
when you don’t really know what to believe, ⁣⁣
when the hero and villain alternate like an unpredictable chess game, ⁣⁣
There is one thing I’m unshakably confident in: ⁣⁣
We’ve never needed to open our hearts more, ⁣⁣
than when we feel like closing them to protect ourselves…⁣⁣
I know it hurts, I’ve been hurt and I’ve hurt others, too…⁣

We all have, knowingly or not. Some seemingly more than others. That’s beyond my human understanding to bestow meaning or justice upon. ⁣

And with all the pains and sorrows, ⁣
with all the fear and uncertainty,⁣
with all the hope seemingly gone…⁣

I choose to crack my heart a little more open!⁣

One of the biggest lessons this year has been⁣⁣
trusting in the darkness of the unknown…⁣⁣
Like an unborn child in the mother’s womb, ⁣
floating in a sea of darkness, being, trusting, ⁣
that same darkness nourishes them until birth….⁣

I choose to trust and I choose hope!⁣

Remembering love, amidst all the hatred and fear…⁣⁣
Choosing hope, during that darkest night of the soul…⁣⁣
Coming back to Love, over and over again!⁣⁣
Countless times, again and again.⁣

~ ~ ~ ⁣

Here is my favorite heart-opening prayer, by Beautiful Choir:⁣⁣
I Believe Only in Love.⁣⁣
Everything else on earth lacks meaning.⁣⁣
Even if this world is leveled to the ground;⁣⁣
Even if the seas dry up and the mountains wear down;⁣⁣

Love will Live Forever in the Infinite Universe,⁣⁣
Forever in the Infinite Universe,⁣⁣
Forever in the Infinite Universe.⁣⁣